Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hits & Misses - Part 1

After almost a week of no Sabine, I made it a point last night to watch Mrs. Red Umbrella in action and can report the following: She was spot on with regard to what time the winds would kick up as the polar air mass moved through the Denver metro area. At 11:00PM Tuesday night, high winds ushered in noticeably frigid air and low, wispy, fast-moving clouds. I smoked a cigarette as I watched it all go down and nodded my head in an approving manner, for I was duly impressed with the Sabinenomics unfolding before me. But Kathleen also said, and I paraphrase, "There will be snow on your way into work and on your way home." She was definite about this snow and at first I thought, "Wow, good work giving yourself such a large window." People generally go to work anytime between 6:00 and 10:00AM and come home between 3:00PM and 7:00PM. Any hint of snow during those periods and Kathy could kick back with a relaxing glass of Pinot and revel in the self satisfaction of being correct on her snow forecast. Well, get the corkscrew out because, according to my sources, one sixteenth of an inch of snow fell at some point this morning. Well done, Kath! You fucking nailed it! I will monitor the afternoon precipitation from my personal weather center high above the streets in the heart of the city and report back on the accuracy of Mrs. Sabine's second drive-time forecast. Until then . . . I bid you goodbye and hope your Wednesday kicks ass. Stay warm, won't you?


Baby GAP said...

My question to you is this: What on EARTH pleasure is derived from nit-picking at these weather people? Facinating-- I really don't remember seeing your mug on TV as a 9News representative! That means you are not on the 9News payroll, even with your claim to have just as much weather education as these degreed professionals!! No payroll means this: if you are just as educated as Kathy, then you will be prone to the same "mistakes" and inaccuracies as you say you are reporting about her!! At lease she is getting paid for it!!

I have been watching 9News for over 17 years now to your dismay I'm sure. So my thinking is this: I would really love to see you get on the air with the same experience and education as Kathy Sabine has and to a BETTER reporting job than she!! I bet you don't even have a job application and resume on file with the station!!

Have a nice day!!

Royal Tennenhorn said...

Baby GAP is one of the many nicknames for my newborn son (those are his intials after all) but I assure you he did not write this comment, but you probably knew that because my newborn son isn't a raging cunt.