Sunday, December 14, 2008

Early AM Update

Must be a cold front comin' . . . 'cause I saw the west bound C&O . . . and the coal cars were dusted . . . with a half inch of snow.

At 3:08AM MST, things look dusty and bone chilling on the streets of Denver proper. Everybody in the meteorology business (aka weathotainment) says to expect between 1-3 inches by Sunday evening. But they also hate themselves and their jobs. I believe them, however, when they say that it's going to be ball-shrinkingly cold tomorrow. The official arrival of the Arctic/Polar/Nipple-Erecting air came at exactly 10:24PM Saturday. I know because I was there, observing and admiring. I was also slugging whiskey and smoking a cigarette. I had initially and foolishy wagered a 1:04AM arrival of the cold front with several meteorologiphiles. I lost several dollars and a little dignity/pride in the wager, but I enjoyed the action nonetheless. I also enjoyed the anti-Sabine sentiment that permeated the holiday party scene. I found out that I am not alone in my weather prognosication skepticism, and that made me smile. A smile that will be promptly wiped off my face in about 7 hours when I awake parched, hungover and shivering. Whatever . . . it was worth it. And there's a lot of football on tomorrow.

Also, I guarantee you that Sabine is not up keeping an eye on the weather at this hour. I am. She's probably asleep under a comforter made of sunshine, money and happiness. Meanwhile, I'm still awake . . . mainly because I care about you and want you to be updated on the weather here in Denver (and maybe the whole state) 19-7-365. At 3:27AM it's still snowing and is horribly cold.

Good luck out there. Have a really lazy Sunday. Go Broncos.

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SunnyRamona said...

Dearest Flip,
Thank you for the best weather update in Denver. Trepidation flows as my counterpart and I brave the I-70 corridor eastbound. I will keep you abreast of any and all road and weather conditions worth mentioning as we forge our beloved Continental Divide. Faithfully yours, Ramona VanDeGaarden