Friday, December 5, 2008

Totaling Your Snow

I have to give 9News credit . . . they're the only local media entity I can find (although I didn't look very hard) who put up the snow totals from this most recent "storm." Although I gotta say, it doesn't seem that official. Witness this note at the top of the page:

Below are the latest snow totals advailable [sic]. Please send updated totals to

So basically, any of you Colorado residents should come up with any number you want for your locale and fire that off to 9News for publication on their website as official. Or you can send a photo of yourself measuring the snow with something unusual (cigarettes, naked ladies, soy sauce bottles) to or and I will gladly post it and ponder it here. I would like to put 9News snow totals page to shame. That is my new goal. I need your help.

* * * * * * *

Five fucking degrees below zero last night in Denver. What the hell? That ties a 99-year-old record for lowest temperature on a December 4th but, to my knowledge, no one told us it was going to get anywhere near that cold. All the reports I read had the low being between seven and 10 degrees above zero. "Well that's only a few degrees off," you're probably saying. "What's the big deal?" I bet 10 degrees difference is a huge deal for the homeless, but you're right, it made no difference to me. Sorry for troubling you.

* * * * * * *

Lastly, watch out for the fuzz if you're cruising I-70 today:

Have a warm weekend everybody!

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