Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Official Press Release Regarding Jim Cantore Figurine

(JUST-PROUST)(JPR) Just Proust, Inc. Announces New Item in Award-Winning Jim Cantore Series

Business Editors

DENVER--(FKS WIRE)--Dec. 17, 2008--Just Proust Inc.(R) is pleased to announce that Jim Cantore's "Storm of the Century - Platinum Edition"(TM) is now available for public purchase.

The Jim Cantore Series blends the power and grace of the Weather Channel's on-air meteorologist (and favorite son) Jim Cantore into an anatomically correct figurine. Since its inception, the Jim Cantore line of dolls has replaced Mattel's "Ken" as the preferred partner for Barbie(TM)(R).

Highlights of the Jim Cantore "Storm of the Century - Platinum Edition" figurine:
  • Microphone Grip
  • Twenty seven different weather-related phrases "spoken" by Jim through small speakers located beneath his jowels. Phrases are triggered by text message and include such gems as "Hey Barbie, what's up? Ever see a high pressure ridge?"
  • Miniature Armani suit
  • Authentic NorthFace(TM) cold weather gear
  • Personal hygiene kit
  • Specialized nozzle for attachment to home garden hose that pelts Jim with simulated rain or snow at 200 mph
  • Separate action figures for the weather desk (Choose Severe Weather Expert Dr. Greg Forbes, Tropical Weather Expert Dr. Steve Lyons, or the Old Guy from CSU)
  • Separate action figures for on-air personalities (Choose two from the following list: Christina Abernathy, Stephanie Abrams (rowr), Vivian Brown, Paul Goodloe, Warren Madden, Sharon Resultan, Mike Seidel and Heather Tesch)
  • One tanning bed
  • Working remote cameras that can be broadcast over home television set
  • Simulated weather satellite (fishing line not included)
  • Jim's Big Book of Weather Advice ("Never run out of a hotel bar into a thunderstorm without a shirt . . .") and True Stories: Confessions of a Weather Man (Jamaica can be a cold hearted woman . . .")
  • One large pile of raw weather data
Much more is available in this limited edition collectible - a perfect gift for the holidays.

Also available is the original Jim Cantore Doll, along with the necessary accessories to create such characters as: Hurricane Jim, Winter Storm Warning Jim, Tornado Cantore, Arctic Circle Jerk Jim, Avalanche Jim, Vacation Jim, Rip Tide Jim and, coming soon, Perfect Storm Jim. See local retailers for more information.

About Just Proust, Inc.

Just Proust, Inc. (R) is a multi-faceted, world-enhancing company strategically focusing on market leadership in the areas of figurines, t-shirts, photography, film production and possibly cloud seeding. Founded in 1869 by William "Billy" Just, Just Proust has offices in Denver, Seattle and Blue Mountain Lake, New York.

Just Proust, the Just Proust logo and perhaps Jim Cantore are all trademarks or registered trademarks of Just Proust, Inc.


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Flip Washington

* Please note that this release was actually started seven years ago - special thanks to Bruce P. for the collaboration and wisdom

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Billy Axelrod said...

Jim "El Nina" Cantore is dreamy. I'm sittin up here in northern colorado patiently awaiting today's/tonights snow totals. I have seen 1-3 inches, can you confirm or deny Flip? The camera has fresh batteries, the ruler is in prime condition, and I'm workin on ok.