Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sleepless in Seattle

At 7:05PM MDT on Wednesday, July the 29th, aught nine, it is 101 degrees in Seattle, Washington. It is 55 degrees in Denver, Colorado . . . and raining. Sweet fucking Sasquatch that's weird to me. So is your mom.

How come "Harry and the Hendersons" never gets any play on the tee vee anymore? Couldn't TBS or TNT run it on a Saturday afternoon for my amusement? That was a damn fine film. Some of Lithgow's best work. But the real story is Kevin Peter Hall, the dude that played Harry in the film. He also played the Predator in both Predator 1 and 2. That, my friends, is an awesome film career. But Jesus, what a way to go:
He was in a major car accident in Los Angeles. During surgery for his critical wounds, he received a contaminated blood transfusion. He died shortly thereafter of AIDS.
Whelp, have a good night. And if you don't, just think of those poor bastards in the Pacific Northwest who have no air conditioning and the constant threat of Sasquatch on their minds.