Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Peek Over Them Hills

I've always enjoyed the line in Jimmy Buffett's song "Incommunicado" that goes: On the day that John Wayne died/I found myself on the Continental Divide . . . Tell me where do I go from here/Guess I'll ride into Leadville and have a few beers. I have been hoping for many years now that a celebrity I respect dies on a day when I happen to be traversing America's rugged divider and that I could head in to Leadville and have a few beers in their honor. Alas, I've had no such luck.

Today was no exception . . . at least that I'm aware of. I guess I could've gone into Leadville and reflected on all that Brittany Murphy gave to us, but that probably wouldn't have taken longer than a shot of Jagermeister.

But Kim Peek is a completely different story. That's a fellow whom one could probably sit at a bar and reflect upon until one could no longer operate a motor vehicle. The dude knew every zip code in the country yet couldn't even dress himself. If you told him the date you were born, he could tell you what day of the week it was and possibly the last meal your mom ate before she delivered you into this wacky, spinning ball we call earth. They say there is no one like him in recorded history. That means Jesus didn't even have his skills. Think about that come Friday.

Anyway . . . supposedly there is a snow storm rolling it's way into Denver at this moment. I wouldn't know as I am 280 miles away. Where I am it is foggy and cold . . . like a good stein of beer. But from the looks of things, some inclement weather is indeed hitting the Mile High:

I'm not going to do a full throttle rundown of all the predictions, because they seem to be all over the place. Last I saw 9News was only committing to 1-3 inches by Wednesday afternoon and 4-8 total. Channel 4 was a little more optimistic with a 5-10 inch forecast by the time things are all said and done . . . which should be about the time Wapner comes on Thursday.

Travel safe you crazy bastards.

Love Always,


Babalax said...

I HAD to comment on your blog when I found it by Googling Sabine's name. LOL! I haven't read why you named your blog that but I have a pretty good idea.
I used to think she was a good replacement for Mike Nelson who IMO is probably the best in Denver. Not any more. Something happened to her brain after she had a baby last year. And I swear she is getting a kick-back from the ski resorts. She continues to report that "ski conditions are excellent" at the resorts when in fact they are the worst they have been in years. What is she smoking? ; )

Flip Washington said...

@Babalax - I think Kathy's smoking Candy Blunts . . . which are (medical?) marijuana blunts dipped into codeine cough syrup. Actually, I doubt old Kath gets into the ganja much anymore, but you never know what people are up to. Regardless, I agree that she has seemed a bit scattered lately. Your claim of her getting money from the ski resorts is interesting . . . and I'm assuming completely unfounded. I wonder how often that has gone down over the years though. There's probably a long line of meteorologists our fair town who have had their pockets lined by those fat cats in the hills. I'll put my private eye cap on and get to work on that. You're an inspiration. Oh, and I think Kathy's days of fibbing on snow conditions are coming to an end: http://www.denverpost.com/ci_14109050

Thanks for reading,