Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mother Nature Doles Out a Lap Dance

I've spent the better part of 35 minutes trying to get a screen shot of the Spanish Weather Channel's forecast for Denver over the next 48 hours to post in its entirety at the top of this page. The fact that I have failed (at the modest task which was my charge) has left me feeling down. That I don't know how to do this makes me feel like I'm developmentally disabled when it comes to my understanding of screen shots or copy/paste protocol or women. How am I ever going to make it in the weather blogosphere if I can't take images from I guess I'll have to continue to rely on the slaves to the weather model who claim to be our local meteorologists. I am convinced, particularly after Monday's fiasco, that they are spineless cretins who do not care about our safety or our good times.

Nonetheless, this weekend should be moderately to extremely soothing, particulary when it comes to January weather. There is much discussion of "abundant sunshine" and "unseasonable temperatures." That qualifies as filthy, mid-coitus talk in my book. Look for the citzens of Denver to be partly antsy with a strong chance of wandering around outdoors and remarking on how great the weather is.

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