Saturday, January 31, 2009

Communication In Its Purest Form

From time to time, when I'm really sort of bored at work, I enjoy perusing the comments sections of our local media's web sites. All are truly forums unlike any other in decent society in that practically every discussion devolves quickly into an anonymous and sociopathic argument about either illegal immigration or politics. In fact, sometimes I enjoy getting the battle started with witty comments about former Nuggets Coach Bill Hanzlik's poor instructing ability, Kathy's meager forecasting or your mom's shitty cooking. Predictably, this rubs some people in the commentariat the wrong way from time to time. Observe commenter "jodestar" and her utter disdain for all things Flip:

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jodestar Photo jodestar wrote:
Nobody cares that you want Kathy Sabine fired, so quit posting that link. You must be a pretty pathetic person to wish and promote that someone looses their job. If you do not like her then do you watch the news when she is on.
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Obviously I don't watch the news when she is on . . . I watch the weather. That aside, I was concerned about jodestar's not so subtle anger with my egregious use of the 9news comments section(s). I responded with the following letter:

Dearest jodestar,

I am deeply sorry to hear about your disgust with my shameless self promotion. You're absolutely right that it's a disgrace, but, as the newest weather blogger on the scene, I feel I need to draw a little attention to the site from time to time. I don't think I'm that rabid of a promoter - I've only mentioned the site 12 times during the course of the last 6.3 weeks in the comments section of That's not even twice a week.

Nonetheless, you seem concerned and that makes me sad. Have you even visited the site? I don't hate on The Frail Minx (read: Kathy) completely . . . just mostly. And it's not her being I object to; it is her poor forecasting. Obviously you are very fond of Kathy as a person and that's cool if you like tightly wound (allegedly) people who are terrible at predicting accurate amounts of snowfall (also allegedly - but my stupid online journal will prove it so within the next two years). That's your business.

But you, as a beautiful citizen of the West, deserve an accurate forecast. You deserve to know who's telling you the truth and who's just not very good at their job. It might determine the course of your day . . . nay, your life. Am I wrong? Are we gonna split hairs here?

The answer is no, jodestar, I am most definitely not wrong. In time you will see this. Please continue to visit and leave any further concerns you have in the comments section. I'm doing this for you, jodestar . . . can't you understand that?

I Love You,

Flip T. Washington

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