Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Chip Off the Old Rocktober

Hello everyone. How in the hell are you? Well I hope. I mean that. I know I've been gone awhile and, shucks, I think you can plainly see what I've been up to: making time with my best gal Kath and showing her my acclaimed baby arm.

Mmmm . . . what a beautiful summer day that was. We had ourselves a little picnic on the banks of a stream that feeds the mighty Cache La Poudre River or, more simply, the Poudre la Cache. What do you think Kath likes at a picnic? Go on, guess? Cheese and crackers and a cheap bottle of champagne you say? I wish. No sir, Kath is a refined woman who prefers foie gras with grilled asparagus accompanied by a 1986 Chteau Mouton Rothschild Pauillic and some Vivaldi. Class, ladies & gents. Pure class. And expensive.

Anyway, a photographer happened by during our playful time in the meadow and demanded a photograph of such a beautiful, powerful couple. Obviously we obliged. And I think you will agree that it is a striking image. But will this magical summer of exploration and butterfly kisses translate into a warm autumn/winter/early spring relationship between myself and the auburn-haired purveyor of red umbrellas? Only time will tell, gentle reader.

I should mention that she and her posse are predicting a little of the white stuff around here starting a few hours from now and maybe reappearing on Sunday. The way they make it sound, it won't be anything serious. Go ahead and keep doing what you planned on doing. This "storm" seems to be the equivalent of the 9News Weather Team's(TM) preseason intrasquad scrimmage. I hope nobody pulls a hammy.

Bottom line, it's going to be a tad chilly around these parts for the next few days. If you should run into me at either of the games this weekend, buy me a hot chocolate, won't you? And put some peppermint schnapps in there, OK? Four big globs.


Billy Axelrod said...

If license plates were allowed more letters, Kathy's should read, " nice cans and a shit attitude'. Perhaps we should invent bigger license plates so folks could really be allowed to define themselves. While I'm driving along I would like to just once see 'cries a lot'.

Joe said...

Excellent pic Flip. Also interesting to note that you were able to withstand not only the summer heat, but also the heated intensity blazing from Kathy's eyes.
I have to give "mad props" to toddler Ashton at 9News; I read a weather article posted online (no, I don't know why) about "Snow Headed for Colorado and the Front Range" and sweet little Ashton actually put an update into the article on Wednesday afternoon that said he didn't think it would be much of a big deal and might not snow much at all in the metro area. Ah... they grow up so fast!